Currently reading: “Neverwhere”

Having finished The Last Unicorn, my choice of reading order was between Interview With the Vampire by A. N. Roquelaire Anne Rice, or Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I put the question to two outlets of social media, and ultimately Neverwhere won by 1 votes to 0.

I’ve experienced cinematic adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s work, but to tell you the truth, this is the first full book of his I’m attempting to read. I’ve read one personal essay, and one excerpt from Coraline which dates all the way back to my first year of uni, either fall 2003 or winter 2004 semester.

We’re both a couple of guys who were influenced by Michael Moorcock and the New Wave sci-fi authors at some point, but Neil’s got a lot more to show for it so far. I’m just at the beginning of Chapter Two, and being reminded once again that the odd time I force myself to read, I typically enjoy the experience. Is it that the idea of reading-as-chore has become so pervasive that even a person who’s aware he’s enjoyed it again and again, on numerous occasions, falls back into the general spirit of the age when he hasn’t reminded himself recently enough?

Maybe that’s taking things too far, something I’m experienced at. In any case, I’m trying to make sure that at some point in my day, I make time to keep reading this book. Usually before bed, and sometimes after a binge read of subreddits about ghosts and the paranormal.