Important Ebook Link Changes

My first book was launched, using Kickstarter funding, via Matador Books. That was a neat experiment, but for my needs, I may as well do things very close to on-my-own; paperbacks on CreateSpace and ebooks manually put in Kindle and Kobo stores.

I chose to discontinue ebook support via Matador Books early last week, and that means The Gift-Knight’s Quest needed to be added once again to Amazon and Kobo. I have updated the links on that book’s page to reflect the new ebook availability.

This doesn’t mean anything to The Crown Princess’ Voyage which had been my “trial run” for this kind of release.

Another thing I did recently was offer these titles to Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto. I think they’re still putting them into the system; if not, they’re already there.

Cover Reveal and Ebook Release

The Mad Queen Alathea holds her mask aloft on this trilogy-completing cover by Rona Dijkhuis.

I’ve decided to address a couple different things in one post.

Yes, that’s the third book’s cover

Since “Featured Image” is a thing on this WordPress blog, let’s go with that first. Some of you noticed, and one spoke up (hello, Maria!), about the third cover shown on my Teaser Banner Image. Yes, that’s an actual third book cover. Yes, there is an actual third book in the works.

To be quite honest, the first book had been in the works since 2008; the second, since 2010; this one, 2011. I mean something more substantial by “in the works”, such as “this project is definitely going ahead in some form”. And I can now say that instead of only having a first draft, some meaningful thought is being put into the revision process. Once this second book is good and launched, I will have nothing else to do but finish the writing I started in November 2016, and then finish the third book, in whichever order happens to work.

Alathea is depicted here as the titular Mad Queen, wearing some of her symbolic talismans of power and holding aloft her mask. A bit of the fortress details are visible, where we see some stone work but some suggestion of utilizing natural rock formations. People who read the sequel may have some idea what goes on the other end of that rope. If you’ve looked at each cover, you’ve noticed that Derek got bright colours and a clear sky, a little too fantastic perhaps to reflect what’s real but a better reflection of his mindset at some point; Chandra got cooler colours and a slightly cloudier sky; Alathea gets rough seas in the distance and signs of an impending storm. All by design.

The ebook is out

Yes, the ebook is out. Not just “pre-orders” out, but out-out.

Follow this link to the ebook’s page, for the time being an Amazon exclusive.

One year on: a celebratory ebook sale

Taken by Rachel U Young, Camaraderie Artisan Market

If you’re an ebook lover and have been biding your time, not yet committed to buying a copy of The Gift-Knight’s Quest, this weekend will be the best time. I have arranged to submit $2.99 promotional pricing that goes for the USA and Canada, and 1.99 GBP in the UK. According to my sales helper, this should take effect “late Friday” GMT and last until “late Tuesday” GMT. May 28, 2015 is the quasi-official “publishing date” of the book (though it became available as an ebook March 26, it’s a bit late for that!) so I thought why not put on a sale for the anniversary weekend.

So what I would suggest to folks in North America who are interested in this promotion, is look for the promo price on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, solid days when it should be in effect.

This link will take you to the book’s Amazon US page.

This link will take you to the book’s Amazon CA page.

Other ebook site links such as Nook, Kobo, and iTunes are available on this website, on the book’s subsection.

If you already have the book or ebook and would like to help boost the signal, that would be greatly appreciated. Some time like 3PM on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday might work for Twitter; maybe you know the analytics better than I do. You could share the ebook links, or if you prefer to share any of the visual materials such as book trailers, this is the subsection of the site for images and videos pertaining to TGKQ.

Hopefully, TGKQ will have a happy anniversary, generate some interest, and result in some new reviews. when the review count gets up to 50, Amazon starts automatically helping to boost the signal, so that’s a long term goal. At the moment, I haven’t been able to pass 30 reviews, and I thought it was time to generate some new buzz.