Cover and Title Reveal: The Fate of Lenn

A man of stocky build in lamellar armour stands near a wheat field pensively holding an inverted sword; side profile view. The stylized words "The Fate of Lenn" announce the title, followed by the author name in plainer text, "Dylan Madeley". The image is bordered by an interweaving of wheat and roses, suggesting the stylistic inspiration of illuminated manuscript borders.

The Fate of Lenn by Dylan Madeley

Cover art by Jenn St-Onge

“Like a book already written, turn a page forward or back, read a line or a page, yet all the words in that book exist at once, unchanging; is this how you see it? Like fate? Do we fall no matter what I do?”

Future generations will mythologize Duke Lenn Wancyek, but he is a person like any other. He feels hope, worry, loss, pain, and the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. When his responsibilities place him in a catastrophic situation from which he may not escape, his values will resonate through his actions more thoroughly than any speech he could ever make.

You will meet everyone who looks to him and you will see their struggles which run concurrent with his: a friend and adviser who wishes to steer him right; three musicians who think they have landed the greatest job in the kingdom; a gardener who does so much yet asks so little; a woman who works to free her people. The list goes on, but time grows short.

You will meet the man who becomes the legend. You will know the fate of Lenn.

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