Review: The Masked Queen’s Lament

Diane Donovan is a senior reviewer at Midwest Book Review and this review appeared in the August issue of that publication, but this particular cataloguing of the review allows the link to take you directly to it instead of anybody having to scroll. That’s why I waited for this version to become available before blogging it.


Readers receive a satisfying blend of social and political confrontation that pairs a quest with new discoveries about different factions operating in the kingdom. 

While prior familiarity with the other books in the series will make for a better appreciation of the setting and history of The Masked Queen’s Lament, it’s not a requirement in order for newcomers to gain a sense of what is going on, why, and how Chandra and Derek have their hands full even after an apparent victory. 

Of particular note and strength is how the perceptions of the people juxtapose with those higher-ups who have special interests and influences on the outcome of the battles. 

The result is an action-packed quest story that goes beyond clashing encounters to probe the roots of power, manipulation, social forces, and individual strength. The Masked Queen’s Lament is a solid addition to the series as well as a good stand-alone read especially recommended for fantasy fans who like their plots multifaceted and well-detailed. 



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