Quick Reminder: Word on the Street 2017, This Sunday

Don’t mind me, nothing to see here… except for a quick reminder that I’ll be at Word on the Street Toronto this Sunday, September 24. If you have a quick look at the festival visitor map, you will find Zone 1 right next to Queen’s Quay West, most of it right past the parking lot. Keep going south, and if you can persevere through that Writer’s Block, you’ll find my table in the Fringe Beat just before Zone 2.

I hope to see you there!

Important Ebook Link Changes

My first book was launched, using Kickstarter funding, via Matador Books. That was a neat experiment, but for my needs, I may as well do things very close to on-my-own; paperbacks on CreateSpace and ebooks manually put in Kindle and Kobo stores.

I chose to discontinue ebook support via Matador Books early last week, and that means The Gift-Knight’s Quest needed to be added once again to Amazon and Kobo. I have updated the links on that book’s page to reflect the new ebook availability.

This doesn’t mean anything to The Crown Princess’ Voyage which had been my “trial run” for this kind of release.

Another thing I did recently was offer these titles to Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto. I think they’re still putting them into the system; if not, they’re already there.