Status Report 7/18/2017

First Draft on Wattpad

If you want to know how rough a first draft is for me, you can examine Apotheosis (working title) on Wattpad.

That project began November 2016 and was resumed June 2017, in the gap time between work stints.

Info: contains violence, stands alone as a read but can supplement Gift-Knight continuity

Overhaul Paused

The next project was supposed to be working through the next draft of what could be The Masked Queen’s Journey, The Mad Queen’s Mask, The Masked Queen’s Revenge… there’s a branch point in time and space, different universes changed solely by the title of this book, and in all other respects resembling our own.

But it’s time to get my work clothes, my bag, and most likely prepare to go craft things in return for funding, so the overhaul is paused. I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had limitless energy, but it was probably an age where there was nothing serious to do with it. Except spinning around in circles very fast and being a tornado; there’s nothing more serious than that! But now I know I end up budgeting my energy when there’s full time work, and at best, I’ll only add notes to the appropriate file instead of actually changing the manuscript.

The work tends to be seasonal, so I may find myself living in a shotgun shack behind the wheel of a large automobile coming down from the physical labor at the end of 2017, but staring down the practical deadlines of March/April to finish final draft of the book, and to decide which title-universe we’re in.