The Quiet Before The Loudness

Recent portrait of the author after a haircut.

Things have been so quiet on this blog, haven’t they? I was hoping they would be, to give followers a break after that Fresh Fiction Daily thing.

I may have full time work for the season, but there are things happening soon that you should know. If you’ve been waiting for the sequel to The Gift-Knight’s Quest, I’ve set the date as May 1, 2017.

60 days prior to release/March 2017: The Crown Princess’ Voyage pre-orders become available via Kindle Select.

May 1, 2017: The Crown Princess’ Voyage officially released as a print-on-demand paperback via CreateSpace and its channels. Available as an ebook via Kindle Select for 90 days.

May 7-9, 2017: Paperback copies of both books available for sale at Ad Astra 2o17 convention (scheduled/unconfirmed)

May 13th, 2017: Paperback copies of both books available for sale at The Bookshelf event in Newmarket, including public reading by the author (scheduled/unconfirmed)

90 days later: Kobo edition prepared and released via Kobo Writing Life

And in the meantime most of the action is being set up for other blogs. I have been approaching review bloggers about The Crown Princess’ Voyage, and for most of them this means bundling The Gift-Knight’s Quest with it as well. Some of them have offered to review both as a result of my focus on the one, which is fine. When you are trying to promote the second in a series, and you know the first wasn’t the most well known even in the indie world, it’s common practice to offer a free digital copy of the previous book in the series. Some blogs want the entire series if they haven’t read it yet, in order to understand a fourth or fifth book for example, so I have it easy; The Gift-Knight Trilogy is, well, planned to be a trilogy. Any further works in the universe won’t require anyone to have read The Gift-Knight Trilogy.

The next book is in progress, but slowly at that. I was never quite sure how I would manage NaNoWriMo with all the work I have on the go, but a bit more plotting beforehand would have been nice. Thanks a lot, Past Dylan!