ARCs of The Crown Princess’ Voyage will become available

The first two books of the Gift-Knight trilogy, side by side.

What have I been doing all this time since Fresh Fiction Daily ended?

Well, I’ve been setting up the second book of the Gift-Knight trilogy, The Crown Princess’ Voyage, in CreateSpace. I am over 50% of the way through the final (intended) edit of this first edition. I am setting up the cover, ISBN, etc.

But I’m going to withhold approval, and incidentally release, until very early May of 2017. Why? Because I want to be able to offer 6-month Advance Reader Copies to bloggers and reviewers who require that amount of time in advance.

I will privately contact many bloggers/reviewers who already accepted The Gift-Knight’s Quest for review, because they will at least have the first book in the series ahead of this one in their queue. They may have already read TGKQ and this new book picks up pretty much where the first left off.

This also means that the Wattpad early edition of TCPV┬áhas gone hidden, along with the preview edition of TGKQ, and the Tumblr edition and its table of contents are completely wiped. It was up there for early readers to enjoy, for nearly a month. If you didn’t have time, it probably wasn’t an urgent read for you, and you’re going to get a necessarily improved version by May 2017.

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