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Sequel free to read until September 14; daily fiction to commence

Alathea banner which reads "Coming to first draft November 2016"

Read The Crown Princess’ Voyage Free on Wattpad

Want to know what happens to Derek, Chandra, Lucen, Jan? Want to know what Alathea’s next move is, but can’t wait for that final formal polished published version? Okay. All 32 chapters and the epilogue are up on Wattpad. You can get the Wattpad app free on your mobile device, and also read the whole thing in its present condition free, and all I really hope for is a bump in my stats.

This comes to an end on September 14, my birthday.

Fresh Fiction Daily

From August 14 to September 14, I will be putting up hastily slapped together fiction on various platforms.

It seems to me that I typically spend half a November project warming up, then hit my stride. For TCPV, it’s not that the whole thing didn’t need editing, but the first eight chapters specifically needed (and got) a rewrite. I like to think that over more diligent editing cycles, the reader might not know anymore where my first draft hit its stride because the quality will be more even.

This November’s project is so important that I feel the need to warm up sooner.

Doubt is also a thing. For my personal writing process, I need to approach things casually and positively at the start, and some part of me resents attempted use of negative reinforcement as a motivator; I know how easily discouraged I can be, and also how easily negative I can be all the time, and that feeds doubt which can distract me from what I actually want to accomplish. More specifically, it’s fuel for the types of intrusive thoughts that aren’t helpful to the project at hand. I need to feel at least okay, and I need to focus.

My goal is to come up with no quality expectations, minimal possible editing (I’d say no editing, but look who’s writing this blog, good luck with that–but restraining it to a personal minimum is something different), no minimum or maximum word count, no real pressure but to make sure I wring out Fresh Flash Fiction Daily, and then inflict it on the world for better or worse.

I will place it on Wattpad, I will place it here, I will share links on the FB page (which, if possible, will soon be rebranded “Dylan Madeley, Writer”, since it’s going to have to serve multiple titles soon).