The Crown Princess’ Voyage: Free Full Preview On Wattpad

The Crown Princess' Voyage proposed cover by Rona Dijkhuis

Are you on Wattpad? Do you have a Facebook account you can use to access Wattpad? If so, you have an early opportunity to read The Crown Princess’ Voyage, Book 2 of The Gift-Knight Trilogy.

Wattpad is a great resource for readers to discover new authors, and likewise for emerging authors who want readers to discover them. I’ve had some limited works up there for a while now, and other authors who are on a similar path (i.e. have to do a lot on their own or with services/help, not always traditional publishing) have told me they use Wattpad to “test the waters” and see the response to a new work.

I decided to give my readers a similar opportunity.

Just bear in mind that this is a sequel! This is not meant as a standalone. You can still jump into the series’ middle first if that’s how you usually roll, but if you haven’t read The Gift-Knight’s Quest first then I don’t know how that would alter your enjoyment of The Crown Princess’ Voyage.

Rona Dijkhuis’ cover will be the first edition’s official cover.

I’ll have another post up Monday. Saturday was interesting, and I have a couple of pics from a couple of events I attended.

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