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TGKQ map by Steven Sandford

As some of the last-hurrah promotional efforts for my debut gradually fizzle out, I am looking ahead, and you can too.

I sometimes get asked when the next book will be written, or if I’ve “written another one”, or if I plan to continue the series. This post should be a nice comprehensive answer. I am listing all the ongoing projects I have, and just for you, I’ve even decided to come up with working titles off the top of my head for things that are either in first draft or pretty far down the pipe.

When you’ve been a writer for several years, sometimes it’s less a question of what you’ve written, and more about what you’ve finished.

The titles are presented in the plot chronology of the series, with the year of first draft on the left side and year of publication on the right side (in the one case where that’s applicable). Everything bolded is either written or exists in a first draft; stuff in italics is either a working title/first draft, or where not bolded at all, planned/not written yet.

Chronological Series Listing

(2014) The Fall of Wancyrik

(2015) The Mad King Jonnecht

(postponed-2017?) The Tyrant’s Gold Mask

(planned-2016) The Tides Made Flesh

(2008) The Gift-Knight’s Quest (2015)

(2010) The Crown Princess’ Voyage (late/final draft: due really late 2016/hopefully not too late 2017?)

(2011) The Empress’ Last Hope

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