The Daughter of Storms

All the worlds are in flux. In the world above the clouds, gods and goddesses look down and with their widened perspective see the “present” as what we would call the immediate past and future; powers which have come about because people needed them and believed in them foresee a future where they may be forgotten. Lutgardis, the Goddess of Storms and of the City of Luppla, knows she will be one of the last to meet an uncertain fate. She also foresees the sacking of Luppla by a terrible man, and with her last great effort of power works to thwart this one evil man and save Luppla from being razed.

Enter Grimhilt, who spends her childhood simply feeling that she is different than the others. When she learns the truth, will she be able to fulfill the destiny that her goddess-mother set out for her? And will she be forced to leave behind her humanity, even after she has come to love her adoptive people?

14 parts of the first draft can be read on Wattpad.