Possible Future Appearances and Other Housekeeping

January felt like a time for recovery, but things proceed apace. Here’s what’s personally on the go for the first half of 2017.

Ad Astra 2017: Official Release Con of The Crown Princess’ Voyage

I hope I’m not premature in making this announcement. So I’ll hedge it a bit and say that I planned for Ad Astra to be the official release con of my sequel, I have filled out the registration and paid, and I hope for the best. Ad Astra 2017 will happen at Sheraton Parkway North Toronto Hotel from May 5 to 7. I haven’t done a 3 day event before, and incidentally not this event, so I’m really curious.

The Bookshelf, Newmarket

On May 13, one week after Ad Astra, The Bookshelf┬álets readers meet authors in the heart of Newmarket. I was at last year’s event, though it was a foggy and emotional day; I vaguely recall downing Pepto Bismol for some reason, and then leaving early to attend an important garden dedication at the Thornhill Village Library–neither of which have to do with the book fair event itself, which was pretty good. I’ve signed up to go again, and hopefully this time circumstances put me in better health for the outing.

The Word on the Street Toronto

And another announcement which I hope isn’t premature, so once again I’ll hedge it a bit. I had a booth at The Word on the Street in 2015 when The Gift-Knight’s Quest was just a few months old. I had experienced the event as a passerby when it was still being held at Queen’s Park, and now it’s at the Harbourfront Centre. I’d like to be part of this big fair of books and magazines and literature, and we’ll see if my registration gets approved.


For all this time my workspace has been a bit pedestrian-isolated, but warm and just doing the job. However, my current living space (which includes my working space) has too many problems that haven’t been solved after repeat attempts from contractors, and hopefully the much newer place I’m moving to won’t have such problems. My new work/living space will be a bit closer to Vaughan Mills Mall, frankly, and have lots to do in the area.

I know my 2016 retrospect was probably a complete downer, but that’s what happens when a person is open about the depths of their feelings; I’m sure other people have their things to share, or withhold, as they see fit. And 2017 is marching along, not in the happiest way geopolitically, but still.

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