Planting seeds

I’m still intermittently thinking about the speech I should write for May 15. Yes, it’s a little over two weeks away and I haven’t even started.

You should probably know that this is par for my academic career. At my worst, I tried to write a final assignment 15 minutes before it was due, arrived in class late and got a C-. At best, I would routinely churn out essays in the Scott Library a couple of hours before they were due, and it just worked, because I had spent enough time thinking about it and the worst you could say about the product was “needs an editing pass”.

No one’s grading this speech. If you are, don’t tell me unless you want to ruin the experience. I am going to have cue cards, and I am going to fill ten minutes as best I can. But I will share one of the early ideas I had that didn’t take off.

Because I’ve spent the past couple of weeks doing a lot of planting, I wanted to talk about all the firsts I had been through, and how I was planting seeds. Like the first manuscript, the first draft, the first publishing… just a faithful planting without knowing what seeds will sprout.

But that’s not where I’ve been for a while with the book I’m showcasing that day. I planted those seeds in 2006, and planted more a couple of years later. Now I’m tending to the harvest and planning the next planting.

I’ll probably read something short from the book, with context.

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