Auxiliary Magazine’s new website

frontpage sample of new auxiliary magazine website

My first official article written for Auxiliary Magazine was an interview with The Birthday Massacre. They also did a full photoshoot so I’ll always remember the issue for Chibi on the cover in a sailor outfit. And the fact that I remember the interview itself can only mean I made prudent, not excessive, use of the “open bar”. It was quite fun. At the time, I was rooming with a cousin and one other friend over in the Bloorcourt area and showed up in my standard hat and stripey shirt of those days.

Now it’s about three and a half years later and I’ve interviewed a bunch of musicians and other people, written a couple of music reviews, and just recently an article focusing on alt-markets.

It’s nice to see that it’s still around, and still has quite a lot to do. Pop over and have a look if you’re into the alt-fashion-music thing, or just curious.

One feature I’d like to point out right away, scroll to the footer. Note the menus for Contact, and all sorts of fields under Submissions. It’s like “if you have a problem/question, go here”; “if you want to submit a fashion editorial, go here”. If there’s anything you’re not seeing while browsing this zine that you think should fairly be in it, that footer’s your number one place to go.

I’ve already forwarded some of the submissions URLs to a few friends. It’s nice as a copy editor to be checking out the margins of an editorial, or a full article, and see the names of people you know, so I thought, why not?

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