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Welcome to Dylan Madeley dot com

Welcome to Dylan Madeley dot com! I’m a copy editor, transcriber, and most importantly a writer. I’m a person who stutters, and who also lives and works with anxiety and occasionally depression.

Use the menu at the top of this page to find what you need, whether it’s biographical information, my blog, or anything you need to know about my published projects and works-in-progress including where to buy.

A Disclaimer/FAQ has been provided at the bottom of this page which may answer some questions not covered elsewhere.


Standard Bio

Dylan Madeley is a Torontonian currently working out of a headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. He is the copy editor of and a frequent contributor to Auxiliary Magazine, an alternative fashion and music zine. His junior copy editors are two chinchillas named Basil and Liam.

His first published novel, The Gift-Knight’s Quest, was released on May 28, 2015. The sequel, The Crown Princess’ Voyage, is officially released May 1, 2017, and should be available for pre-order on Kindle Direct Publishing by March 1, 2017.

Extended Bio

I was born in Toronto in 1985. After my family moved a couple of times, we settled in Woodbridge, Ontario, and I have lived there for most of my life. The recent exceptions to this happened in 2012 and 2014, when I lived in midtown Toronto with roommates. Toronto is where I would prefer to live, once things like budget and opportunity allow me to do so.

I attended Maple Leaf Montessori School from junior kindergarten until grade 6. I attended Woodbridge College from grades 7 through 12, as at the time of my first attendance Woodbridge College went from grade 7 to OAC, a thirteenth grade of sorts. I graduated in the “double cohort” when OAC was phased out of the provincial curriculum, and went straight to York University. In 2007, I graduated with an Hons. Double Maj. Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Social and Political Thought.

I have been employed as a postal outlet clerk, an arts and crafts store “setup employee” helping to assemble/install shelves in a new location, a martial arts instructor, a painter, and a blog ghostwriter. I have worked one season so far at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Manufacturing, assembling bath bombs, pouring melts, and applying glitter to things; I did return for a second stint, pressing shampoo and deodorant bars, and moulding their henna hair treatment among other things. I have spent the most time as a freelancer, editing SR&ED documents, transcribing technical audio, and taking on side clients from the York University Faculty of Education from time to time.

From about 2005 onward, I spent some time documenting alternative music scenes in Toronto, much of which was posted on the now defunct I have also written for Morbid Outlook, and I have been the copy editor for Auxiliary Magazine since 2012. As a result, I have several dozen event/concert photography albums on my Flickr account. I also have some travel photography under my belt, though with a focus on affording Toronto since 2012, there has not been any budget room for long-range travel; if I can hop down to Buffalo on the Greyhound one day for a wedding, that’s pretty good.

In November 2008 I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time and found that it gave me the necessary boost to finish a manuscript approaching novel length. All the manuscripts I have in the works today originated somewhere between 2008 and today on a given November. That also includes projects not yet listed on this site, some that were blown up and rewritten, and one that’s been outright abandoned after the fact.


Q : Do you accept bookings for public speaking engagements?

I have hosted and performed in a limited series of public reading sessions, and I have also participated in book fairs where I read from my novels. I am open to public speaking engagements where my material would be suitable to share. I tend to write for an audience of ages 16 and up, so I can be a questionable fit at events where the majority of performers are reading from children’s books.

The primary thing to understand is that I am a person who stutters. “Rapid-fire” style one-minute reading sessions are a poor fit because you will hardly get much material out of me in such a short span of time. The range of five to ten minutes is usually workable, though ten would be on the long side. I then require a place to be alone after the reading in order to collect myself. If your facility has washrooms with stalls, this would be acceptable.

Q : I have received your promotional materials and I am unhappy about that. Should I bring this up with you or with Matador Books?

I’ll answer the lattermost point first: Matador Books is a service provider that has been paid to print paperback copies of The Gift-Knight’s Quest, and has done some work promoting the book when it was just released. They helpfully maintain a listing for the book on their website, and have set up its presence on Amazon and other ebook outlets. However, they are not my handlers, and they are not responsible for receiving complaints on my behalf; nor do they have any responsibility for the promotion I perform on my own time in Canada; nor are they required to defend or share any of the views or opinions expressed in my written works. To have your concerns be addressed in any effective way, they should be addressed to me.

Now a word about what promotional activities I engage in personally. I email dozens upon dozens of review blogs hoping for some words about my works, whether positive or negative; I arrange honest reviews and tend to share them on social media. I rarely send physical media such as cards because I keep these in reserve for book fairs, and have limited funds to commit to fresh print runs. Usually, if a physical copy is mailed, there was some prior arrangement so that I know this mail was welcome.

Q : I have received physical materials from you and I believe you have sent them to me before, and I do not want them. How do we make sure this doesn’t happen again?

This is within the realm of possibility. First, there is no one that I mail regularly in the past few years for the above mentioned reasons of financial constraints; I rarely send mail anywhere at all. However, I may get taken with the impulse to send a card when it is the media that I have on hand, and I may not actually recall that I have mailed this destination before if it has been long enough.

I am going to share a few links describing the exact mechanism for why this happens, keeping in mind the very first paragraph on this page.

Effects of stress on memory (Wikipedia)

Memory Loss and Anxiety (Anxiety Centre dot com)

Can Depression Cause Memory Loss? (Health Line dot com)

A simple Google search can turn up plenty.

However, there is something I can do for you despite this possibility. I am beginning to compile a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of persons, institutions and mail destinations who absolutely do not want my mail. I will back this up in email and perhaps I will also write it down, in case of hard disk failure, because I am in no way interested in having a problem with you. I say that last part because it occurs to me that I may have considered this idea before, but two separate hard disk failures later, I have no current records of such. Backups are wonderful, and not just for manuscripts.

Q : Then how do I contact you to make sure this gets done?

I am the administrator of my very own Facebook Author Page. Follow this link to find it and leave a message if necessary.

On a final note, anyone can mail a card or picture. I generally include a return address; if I believe anything I have sent warrants a response, I would definitely do so. Anyone could pick up a card from a book fair booth and send it, and the only thing I can do is run out of cards until the next run gets printed.